Our lining collection includes a wide range of plain-coloured standard articles, faconnes, jacquards and printed articles in various qualities, like viscose, acetate, cotton, cupro, silk, polyester and mixtures.

We meet the basic lining demands of our customers with a large stock range, which includes qualities in Polyester, Acetate and Viscose.


Twice a year, during the fairs Munich Fabric Start in Munich and Première Vision in Paris, we update our collection module NOVUM and present new articles, which are constantly developed by our designers and textile engineers. At the same point in time, we update our lining print collection to catch up with the latest trends and developments. All our articles are compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are certified accordingly.


The lining collection of DEVETEX is the result of decades of experience in the development, production and application of the product "lining".


We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have! 

Overview of our lining collection:

Polyester Taffeta, Twill, Satin
Acetate Taffeta, Twill
Viscose Taffeta, Twill, Satin
Cupro Taffeta, Twill
Cotton Washable, Garment dye
Silk  Pure Silk or Mixtures
Mixtures Viscose/Acetate, Polyester/Viscose, Cotton/Polyester - Bi-Color or Melange Effect
Neva'Viscon Standard Version or Heavy Duty version
Sleave Lining Stripes in warp direction or Barré in Viscose, Acetate, Polyester and Mixtures
Knitted Lining Base: Polyester, Polyamide, Acetate
Stretch Lining Base: Polyester, Acetate, Viscose, Cupro
Jacquard, Stripes, Checks Base: Polyester, Acetate, Viscose, Cupro
Prints Rotary- & Digital Printing on Polyester, Acetate, Viscose, Cotton, Silk